Playback Genius

The first mobile app for Groupanizer / ChoirGenius choir management software.

Playback Genius

The first mobile app for Groupanizer / ChoirGenius.

Playback Genius

  • Play learning tracks directly on your phone without downloading
  • Listen to one track on endless repeat until you have it memorized
  • View sheet music while playing learning tracks
  • Available now! – in the AppStore for iPhones and iPads
  • Available now! – in Google Play for Android phones and tablets

photo of Marcie Davis Marcie Davis - The Developer

I have been singing in barbershop groups for nearly 20 years now, and have been developing software professionally for just over 20 years. I quit my job earlier this year to build this app so that I could access my chorus tracks and sheet music more easily while on the go. I wanted to share this app with my chorus, The Song of Atlanta Show Chorus, and the rest of the barbershop and choral communities. I hope you find it useful.

photo of Amanda Jo Amanda Jo Hauler - The Puppy

I have been singing barbershop for 6 years, and singing along to it for almost 10 years. Along the way I picked up the nickname of “Puppy”. Why? I’m excited about everything. Especially Playback Genius! I’m here to show you how this app will improve your chorus life, taking the stress out of accessing your music files throughout the learning process. I’m also here to support any and all questions you may have about Playback Genius!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this app only work for choruses that use Groupanizer / ChoirGenius?

A: Today – yes. Looking into adding support for groups that store music in Dropbox and other locations.

Q: Does it automatically include new songs that were added to our repertoire?

A: Yes! Playback reads your Groupanizer / ChoirGenius page in real time, so you never have to worry about missing a song.

Q: Will my Groupanizer administrator have to do anything?

A: They will not have to do anything besides what they normally do with Groupanizer / ChoirGenius.

Q: Does Playback Genius use cellular data?

A: Version 1.0 uses cellular data to stream your sheet music and learning tracks to your phone, the same way accessing the Groupanizer / ChoirGenius website does. A future Version of the app will allow for offline use.


Contact us if you have any issues or any suggestions about the app.

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